Computer Upgrades:
Adding Extra Life To You Current System
At McCurdy Computers we understand that as life progresses so do your needs!
Perhaps you purchased a system in the last 2 - 3 years and you aren't ready to take the plunge for a new system. With a new version of Windows scheduled for release every couple of years, not only is it understandable, but it is what we regularly recommend to our clients! Save money now by investing in a system upgrade!
  • Memory Upgrades: one of the easiest and least expensive upgrades you can perform on your PC. Memory upgrades are a popular way to add extra performance to your system. We have an assortment of memory modules in stock!
  • Video & Sound Cards: Most of today's systems contain both "onboard" video and sound systems. "Onboard" means that the video and sound card is mounted onto the motherboard and your system memory has to be "shared" with these devices. For the budget user this might be sufficient, however, if you find yourself needing some extra performance, a dedicated video or sound card that delivers a crisper, cleaner, and clearer sound and video could be the answer!
  • CD & DVD Burners: Do you want to make a compilation CD of all of your favorite songs? Would you like to transfer those old vinyls and cassettes that are setting around on the shelf to CD? How about making backups of your CD-Roms and Music for your own personal use? Perhaps you want to transfer those old VHS tapes to DVD. If you need to make backups of all of your files. Then a CD-RW and / or DVD burner is your answer.
  • Hard Drives: In this day of .mp3 downloads, CD & DVD authoring, digital photography, and system intensive programming, even a 60 Gigabyte hard drive can be filled up quickly. Add a second hard drive to your system to store all of these large files! For those of your who aren't power users, add a second hard drive and backup all of your documents. We tell all of our clients, "Hard drives are mechanical devices - they will go out at some point in the future." Don't lose all of your irreplaceable files, back them up on a second hard drive! To maximize your hard drive's manufacturer's warranty, we do not keep hard drives in stock - they are ordered when you order them!
  • Wireless Keyboards & Mice: The most essential luxury device that you can own is a wireless keyboard and mouse. If you are tired of feeling "tied" down by your computer's keyboard or literally feel like you "are at the end of your rope" with your mouse, then this addition to your system will be a welcome attraction. Once you try it you will never go back!
  • Memory Card Readers: Most digital cameras today allow you to add additional media cards for extra storage. By installing a Memory Card Reader, you can remove the media from your camera and place it into your new drive. Open the picture up with you favorite photo software for editing & printing without the need of going through your camera's software!
  • Floppy Drives: Considered obsolete by most system builders today because of their small capacity, most "name brand" computers you buy today do not include a floppy drive. Floppy drives are great source for storing smaller file types such as word documents, web pages, and even pictures in .jpg format.
  • KVM Switches: Do you have 2 or more systems in your home, business, or office? Then operate multiple PCs with one keyboard, video, and monitor. With a push of a button you can switch from one system to another!
  • If you have any other system upgrade needs contact us for details!