Customizing Computers
Tailoring PCs To Fit Your Needs!
  • Budget Systems: For general all purpose tasks and everyday use such as web surfing and email, word processing documents, basic photo editing, CD burning, and graphic arts design.
  • Power Systems: For more demanding tasks. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Macromedia Flash are resource intensive on your systems. Your budget PC will feel sluggish running these and similar programs. Let us design a system that can handle programs like these with ease!
  • Multi-media Systems: These systems allow for more sophisticated CD and DVD authoring. Choose premium components for capturing crisp clear sound and TV signals. Run your entire entertainment system through your PC!
  • Gaming Systems: Do you need a few extra frames per second to get the edge on the latest game? Do you want to enjoy 7.1 channel surround? Then a custom built high-end gaming system is your answer!
  • Barebone Systems: We will gut your old PC and harvest its working components. Then we create a new system by inserting the usable parts into a new case and motherboard along with faster memory! We reload your system with the same version of Microsoft Windows as your old system
  • Servers: Systems designed to host several computers in your office environment!

Why should you commission us to build your next PC instead of the "Name Brands"?

  • Pick and choose the exact components for your custom built machine! Tailor your next system that will match your needs with your budget!
  • Free tech support during the original manufacturer's warrant for each component on your system!
  • True hometown tech-support. Don't put up with long wait times just to talk to a tech who can barely speak English! Your phone call isn't rerouted to India! We understand the language and the culture! Don't wait 2 weeks for a technician to come from Nashville
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed!